The Creative Blogger Award

Massive thankyou to Cassidy over at kissmyCassidy for nominating me; now it’s time to find out some random info about me!

The Rules:

  • Nominate and Notify
  • Post Link to Nominator
  • Share Five Random Facts

The Facts:

  1. I really enjoy eating plain rice and plain pasta and plain bread and basically anything plain.
  2. I’m pretty much always tired, even though I definitely get enough sleep! I’m not really a night owl (I’m definitely an early bird) so I get to sleep before 11pm most nights, but I’m always tired and always want more sleep. (I do have anaemia so that does count towards it but this is just ridiculous!)
  3. I think wayyyyy too much about what other people may think of me. Be that how I’m walking, what I’m dressed like, how my hair looks… whatever I could be judged on I worry that I am being judged on it.
  4. I’m a massively nervous cyclist! I’d rather walk anywhere than take my bike, but due to the fact I can’t yet drive and my work is sooo far away I’m having to cycle and it’s terrifying.
  5. I know which song I want as my first dance song if I ever get married. It’s perfect and wonderful and so full of love and emotion. All I need now is a groom.

The Nominees:

Gabriela []

Olivia []

Daniela []


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